St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

The Leprosy Mission Scotland

Our Lord commanded his disciples to heal the sick, and throughout its long history, the Christian Church has striven to minister to the sick and the poor. At St Mary Magdalene's our designated charity is The Leprosy Mission Scotland, Leprosy Mission Scotland logo a Christian charity which is committed to the healing, empowerment and restoration of those affected by leprosy in any part of the world. You can find out more about the Mission (which is registered as Scottish Charity No. SC022411) from its website — click on the logo on the right.

Today, many of us may think of leprosy in only historical terms — as a disease of Biblical, or perhaps medieval, times. That is not the case: it is very much a disease of the 21st century with some 3 million sufferers in 60 different countries in the developing world. Leprosy is a bacterial disease (related to TB), which attacks and destroys nerves, particularly those serving the feet, hands and face. It is curable, though not reversible, through a course of multi-drug therapy. The World Health Organization's website gives an account of the diseaese and its Global Elimination Strategy.

Throughout history, those suffering from leprosy have often found themselves shunned by their fellow human beings. That social exclusion continues to this day. A large part of the work of the Leprosy Mission focuses on justice and human dignity, both for individuals and communities. It regards its work as an integral part of the Gospel, and offers its services to all who need them, regardless of race or creed.