St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

The Pulpit and Lectern

Pulpit The pulpit was made in Austrian oak by Lord Roberts workshop in Dundee. It was built in memory of the 32 young men who died in the 1939–45 war. The wooden pulpit replaced a brass pulpit which had been here until 1952. The IHS motif on the front of the pulpit is from the opening three letters of Jesus' name in Greek, but it has also been taken to denote "Iesus, Hominum Salvator" (Jesus, Saviour of Men).


Lectern The Lectern is an original part of the Catholic Apostolic Church. It is made of brass and is extremely heavy. It was originally lacquered but it has been polished with great love by our caretaker, Mhoira Campbell, for the last 25 years and one can see the difference. The Catholic Apostolic Church also had a beautiful brass altar rail which was replaced in the 1970s with a wooden rail in memory of William Charles Adams.