St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

The Resurrection Chapel

Resurrection Chapel One of the most surprising things about the Catholic Apostolic Church is that they should have had a window dedicated in honour of St Mary Magdalene, which makes one wonder whether our move to Dudhope Crescent Road was already perceived within the purposes and mind of God. I am inclined to think it was. The window was gifted by W.L.B. and installed in 1911.

The window, which is illustrated in more detail at the foot of this page, shows Mary Magdalene greeting our Lord on Easter morning outside the tomb. The small casket of spices sits on the ground of the Easter garden where the dominant flower is lilies. The dark purple tomb is guarded by two angels and, in the distance, is the city of Jerusalem with what is surely an anachronism - a minaret! (This was 700 years before the prophet Mohammed was born so there would have been no minarets on Easter morning!) There are three bright pieces of stained glass in Jesus' clothing and a bullet hole beside his left foot. Sometime in the 1950s, the window was shot up by a local boy with an air gun! This window — cleverly integrated on the computer by Roger Ellis — now appears on the front cover of our Scottish Liturgy.

Angels Christmas card Above the main window, there is another smaller window containing two angels bearing a crown of glory. This little masterpiece has been used for the cover of our Christmas Carol book and as a Christmas card. Between the two angels, there is a dark blue space. Tom McLaughlin has pointed out that it is rather like the little man in a cloak who used to advertize Sandeman's port.

The altar in the Resurrection Chapel has a curious history. It was built for the "new" church which it was hoped would be built in the Hawkhill in the early years of the twentieth century. It was used in Holy Trinity Mission until the mission was closed in 1944. Then it was refurbished for use in the original church in Blinshall Street. There it rested briefly before being brought into the present building where it was found to fit the Resurrection Chapel perfectly (another coincidence?) Previously, the Catholic Apostolic Altar of Provenance stood on the stone steps, but this altar was gifted to the little church of St Peter in Auchmithie. The present altar depicts a pelican giving its lifeblood to feed three baby pelicans above the words: "Christus dilerit" (Christ will treasure his own).

On the left of the altar, there is a stone piscina for dispensing with water after baptism; and, on the right, an aumbry for the reserved sacrament. The windows here are completely out of keeping with the other windows in the Church, which are mostly Victorian or Edwardian glass. These windows were brought from the old church in Blinshall Street. They depict St Andrew and St George. The windows were the work of a Dundee artist, Mr Russell. They commemorate the 117 young men from St Mary Magdalene's who lost their lives in the 1914–18 war.

Resurrection Window