St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

The Sanctuary

At the entrance to the Sanctuary, there is a plaque in memory of Dean Joseph Jobberns, who died at the altar of the old church on St Mary Magdalene's Day in 1936. The plaque was removed from the altar step of the old church and then "lost" for 27 years. It was found behind a central heating pipe and restored to its rightful place in the summer of 1979. At night, when all the lights are put out, the plaque still shines.

Joshua The east windows were installed in 1906. As was customary in the Catholic Apostolic Church, the donors remained anonymous, only the initials CWB and GCB (window 2), GM (number 4) and AM (number 5) providing a clue. Working from the left, we have Elisha; then we come to Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments VI, VII, VIII and IX. In the centre is the Good Shepherd and, to the right, in window No 4, we have Elijah with a raven near his head, reminding us of how the prophet was fed during a famine. The final window depicts Joshua, the warrior leader, who succeeded Moses and led the children of Israel into the Promised Land.

The altar is made of stone. There is an opal on the central block of stone which formed the base of the Catholic Apostolic tabernacle. This was removed in the 1950s when the new cross and candlesticks were bought. The cross is of a similar design to the Processional Cross and one of our brass collection plates in that it has four medallions depicting the four evangelists. At the top, St Matthew, symbolized by an angel and a scroll; to our left, St Mark as a winged lion; St Luke as a winged horse; and, at the bottom, St John as a winged angel. These symbols remind us of the four living angels before the throne of God in the book of Revelation. In the centre of the cross, behind the figure of Jesus, is a lamb. The processional cross was given in memory of David Rollo in 1947. It has recently been restored — as have the two brass candlesticks closest to the altar. The large ones on the tiled floor belonged to the Catholic Apostolic Church.

The small light oak credence table and bench were made by Charles Sidey, a faithful server. They were gifted in memory of Dean Matthew Gibson by his wife and daughter. The light oak was chosen because of an ill-advised plan to strip down all the woodwork to match the pulpit. The Church has many different kinds of wood in the reredos, the choir pews, the organ casing, the nave pews and the roof beams. Once the Church had been cleaned and with the installation of new windows, it was decided to leave the pews as they were.

Main Altar