St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

The West End

High on the wall, we have a painting of Jesus meeting Mary Magdalene on Easter morning. It was painted by Edmund Caswell, who died before he could complete the picture. It was completed in March 1997 by Joe McIntyre. The painting was a copy of an original picture by William Hole; but in the original, Jesus was looking from right to left. This would have meant that Jesus was looking out of the Church. So we turned it round the other way. The painting was gifted by the Church's second-hand bookshop (1985–2003), which contributed generously to many of the Church's restoration projects. In this instance, it was a thanksgiving for the life Nellie Neil, one of Church's greatest benefactors — a little lady who worked in Imperial Metal, a factory near the docks — whose generosity we wish to remember.

Miss Neil's Picture