St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

Our location

St Mary Magdalene's is situated in the centre of Dundee, on the corner of Dudhope Crescent Road, which comes off Constitution Road. Its location is shown on the Google map below.

Illustration of St Mary Magdalene's

Our address is

St Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Church
Dudhope Crescent Road
Dundee DD1 5RR

The Church is directly accessible from the Inner City Ring Road (Marketgait). It can be approached on foot via a tunnel underneath the Inner City Ring Road (the A991 on the Google map below). Across the road — most conveniently — there is a multi-storey car park, which is free on Sunday mornings to 1.00 pm.

Google map of church's location

A larger, interactive map is available in a separate window if you wish.