St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee


In June 1979, the Rev David Shepherd was instituted as Rector, and made it clear that he had come to St Mary Magdalene's to build up the church in every possible way. The immediate task was to clean the church walls and pillars and bring light into the building. A new rose window was installed. Rooftop of Church There followed a rapid clean out of all the church rooms, the removal of wet rot — and dry rot. The organ was rebuilt by Nicholsons; twenty seven stained glass windows were installed; the main roof ridge was restored. With this came intensive visiting of the congregation, the creation of a lively Sunday School, a new choir, a higher quality of worship and the rebuilding of the Church's finances.

Over the years, the work of skilled craftsmen and the talents of large numbers of people in the congregation were used to the full and brought tremendous results. The Church celebrated its 150th Birthday in 2004 with a superb exhibition which combined a display of vestments and embroidery, a flower festival, a Songs of Praise and a comprehensive exhibition of the Church's history, including a fascinating insight into the work of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Dundee, organized by the Rev Andrew Richardson.

During recent years, the Church has benefited from the ministry of Rev George Greig, Rev Ian Stewart, Rev Michael Bone, who worked as non-stipendiary priests at St Mary Magdalene's and the Rev James Milne and Rev Andrew Richardson who served as curates. From the combined efforts of the congregation and a very dedicated ministry, St Mary Magdalene's has lived and flourished for another thirty active years, adding many more colourful pages to an already fascinating and challenging history.

Worshipping Congregation