St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee


The Rector is the Rev David Shepherd, MA, MLitt. He may be contacted by telephone on 01382 690234.

David was born in Bolton-le-Sands, near Lancaster, in 1942. He was educated at Abbotsholme School in Derbyshire and at St John's College in Durham. David Shepherd After University, he was a probation officer in West Lothian and a student at the Episcopal Theological College in Edinburgh.

From 1968–1979, he was Chaplain of St Paul's Cathedral in Dundee, and Anglican Chaplain in the University of Dundee from 1973–1979. Since 1979, he has been Rector of St Mary Magdalene's Episcopal Church. He is currently the Episcopalian Chaplain at Dundee's main hospital, Ninewells. He has been very happily married to his wife, Patricia, for more than three decades: they celebrated 30 years of marriage in 2016.

In his spare time, David writes detective novels. Thus far, thirteen of them have been published. He has also written the standard life of Alexander Penrose Forbes, Bishop of Brechin 1847–1875. David has published two volumes of sermons: "Cordon Bleu Christianity" and "Epistle to the Dundonians", which are written from a very liberal Christian standpoint, well-argued and with irrepressible good humour. More recently, he has written a novel about an evacuee from hell: "Jemima - Against the World."

David has also recently witten three books of Bible stories for children: "And then it happened" (Christmas); "Tom and the Telescope" (Lord's Prayer); "The Magic Garden" (Creation). A fourth children's book, "The Comfort Inn", is forthcoming.

Cordon Bleu Christianity "Highly topical, occasionally controversial, David Shepherd tiptoes through the ecclesiastical minefield with wit and good humour. Not recommended for evangelicals of a nervous disposition."
"A second collection of sermons delivered to the lovely people of Dundee. A subtle combination of good pastoral teaching, subversive theology and rollicking good fun. The liberal Christian's ideal bedside book." Epistle to the Dundonians
Bishop Forbes Biography Bishop Forbes founded St Mary Magdalene's, and many other churches in the Diocese of Brechin. This illustrated booklet gives a comprehensive picture of his life and work.