St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

Private Devotion

We provide two links below to websites which offer devotions and prayers that can be used by individual worshippers in private. The liturgies they use are respectively from the Scottish Episcopal Church and from the Church of England. Both websites are of high quality, and both are updated daily.

The discipline of the Daily Office is a long tradition in the Anglican Communion, of which we in the Scottish Episcopal Church are a part.

Prayer Candle Daily Prayer from the Scottish Episcopal Church

The first link is to the page on the website of the Scottish Episcopal Church which provides Daily Prayer Offices of the Church. This site offers Morning and Evening Prayer.

CoE Daily Prayer Daily Prayer from the Church of England

This link is to a page on the Church of England's main website, and offers Morning, Evening and Night Prayer in either contemporary or traditional form.

The images are reproduced, with kind permission, from the websites referenced above.