St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee


On this page, we provide links to some selected sermons that have been preached at St Mary Magdalene's, together with the accompanying readings (taken from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible).

The readings are broadly based on those of the Revised Common Lectionary, widely used in many Christian churches across the world, including the Scottish Episcopal Church. The readings follow a three-year cycle, with the intention of systematically covering most of the New Testament, and much of the Old Testament. During the special seasons of the Christian year — Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Easter — readings appropriate to the season are used.

The choice of topic for a sermon is for the preacher to make. It will usually be related, directly or indirectly, to the readings of the day; often, it will also reflect current events and contemporary issues. A common theme is seeking to understand Christian teaching in the context of today's world — in some respects very different from, but in many more ways profoundly similar to, the world experienced by our Lord, the Apostles and Old Testament prophets.

The sermons listed below were given by the Rector, David Shepherd, or by the Pastoral Assistant, Beth Allison. The themes of the sermons concern: the Resurrection; the Christian life; harvest and thanksgiving; grief; the Ascension; and the Trinity. To read a sermon, click on the date.

8 May 2011
The authority of the Resurrection

6 February 2011
Placard-bearing Christianity

10 October 2010
Harvest Festival for Dundonians

13 June 2010
On lamentation

20 May 2007
Out of sight, out of mind

October 1995
Still looking for America?