St Mary Magdalene's, Dundee

Young Church

St Mary Magdalene's Sunday School is a vibrant, energetic and thoroughly enjoyable experience for the young children of the Church. The School is run by a team of five experienced Sunday School teachers, and we currently have some 17 children ranging from 2–12 years of age. Sunday School The children meet in the Church Hall during the 11.00am Sunday service.

The children learn about the meaning behind Bible stories through reading, art, play and songs. They then come through to the Church at Communion, are blessed, and take part in the final act of worship with a children's hymn — in which they are enthusiastically joined by the congregation.

Each week, a new story is written for the children. The stories are designed to expand on Biblical themes, and are presented in "modern dress" with a generous sense of humour. The children engage in creative activities based on the stories, and take great pride in their work, which is displayed in the Church Hall for the congregation to share. Examples of the children's work and of the stories that inspired it (about the Lord's Prayer, the Creation and Jonah respectively), can be found from the menu at the top of the page.

Our Nativity Play is always great fun, and is very much appreciated by the parents as well as by the rest of the congregation. For the children themselves, it is very much the highlight of the year. An expanded version of the Christmas story — in eighteen bite-sized portions — has been published, entitled "And then it happened..."

The year comes to a close in June, when we have our summer picnic — tremendous fun and very popular, involving races, games and lots of food.

The Sunday School meets each week between September and June, and we warmly welcome all children, including those with no church affiliation, to join us. If you are considering your child attending Sunday School, and would like to find out more, do get in touch — we'd love to hear from you!